Project Governance


Cirad Coordination team


Steering Committee members

WP Leader and Co-leaders

  • WP 1 Leader “Support to the FNSSA Partnership and the HLPD Bureau”: JYU (Finland) / Co-Leader DST (South Africa)
  • WP 2 Leader “Actors, Alliances, and Policies”: DLR (Germany) / Co-Leader CSIR-RH (Ghana)
  • WP 3 Leader “Information Generation and Knowledge Management”: SLU (Sweden) / Co-Leader ARC (South Africa)
  • WP 4 Leader “Dissemination and communication”: CIHEAM-IAMB (Italy) / Co-Leader MHESR (Egypt)
  • WP 5 Leader “Management and coordination”: CIRAD (France) / Co-Leader FARA (Ghana)
  • WP 6 Leader “Ethics requirements”: CIRAD (France)

External Advisory Board members

External Ethical Advisory Board members