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AGRF 2021 Pre-Summit

Within the AGRF 2021 Pre-Summit, WUR (Wageningen University & Research), on behalf of LEAP4FNSSA project (Long-term Europe-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture), is organising an important session...

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What an IRC Platform is?

Designed as an International Research Consortium, it will be a sustainable Platform, binding together for the mid to long term African and European institutions, yet with ability to evolve and adapt, remain flexible and purpose-driven, prioritising co-learning over...

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Food System Resilience | Study Report

LEAP4FNSSA commissioned this study on Food System Resilience with the objective to provide recommendations to shape future R&I policies in the field of FNSSA. The study is primarily intended for policy makers, particularly addressing bi-regional (Africa-Europe)...

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