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Agora LEAP4FNSSA is a social hub and a community space where users can access customized content, contact people, and create group discussions. Agora LEAP4FNSSA is dedicated to African and European institutions, policy-makers, researchers, civil society’s actors interested in sustainable agriculture and food and nutrition security.


Access customized content: whether you are a follower of LEAP4FNSSA social media channels or a new visitor, by accessing Agora LEAP4FNSSA you will have the experience of accessing refined and customized content selected for you based on your personal interests. A daily selection of the most up-to-date and relevant articles, videos, interviews and many more.

Contact people: Search for and contact people among those who joined Agora LEAP4FNSSA. You can build or expand your contact network, exchange data, materials, and opinions, or establishing the ground for partnership building and strengthening.
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