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Long-term Europe-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

A bi-continental Platform


LEAP4FNSSA long-term impact will enable and catalyze the transformation of the existing AU-EU FNSSA Partnership into a “bi-continental” Platform for collaboration, organized along a Knowledge Management and Communication framework. 

#WAW2020 | Speakers and idea-carriers bios and presentations

Let's travel through West Africa Workshop again: speakers and idea carriers bios and presentations in more detail Welcome and Scene Setting Session Rose Omari Dr Rose Omari is a Senior Research Scientist at the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Council...

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Here are the 25 selected idea-carriers!

A panel composed by “AU-EU” evaluators, selected the best 25 ideas dealing with: innovation and digitalization in agriculture, short value chains and agroecological transitions of food systems in the African continent. Let’s discover who is behind these ideas! Chabi...

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